FANDOM is an unofficial site about the canceled Cartoon Network show, The Powerpuff Girls. The site was named after the counterparts of the Powerpuff Girls characters, known as the Rowdyruff Boys. The site has episode reviews, fanart pages, fanfics, forums, an oekaki board, and more. Although the site itself has become inactive, the forums have remained active over the years, as many people have come and gone (or stayed all this time!).

The people of the RR.N forums consider themselves a tight-knit family, as they have a sense of closeness between each other, and any new members are welcome to join! We don't only talk about the show (as there isn't much news left on it anyway..), but post artwork of our own of all styles, discuss current issues, play games, simply socialize, or just act insanely random (hence, the Insanity section).