An "older" verison of Bang

Bang a fictional/fan created character based off of the series “The Powerpuff girls” and a member of the forums. Bang also goes by Kaytee outside of the forums, but her real name is Katie. Bang has been a member of the forums since January 22nd, 2007, but has lurked around the website and the forums on and off since 2002.

The Person Behind BangEdit



Relationship Edit

Whiling joining the forums back in 2007 she met a fellow forum remember named Gopher (Real name Andy.) Needless to say, Katie's first impression was that he was kind of a dick (to put it politely.) However he grew on her, and at first both of them denied any kind of “crush” between the two of them and were friends from April 30, 2007, until September 12, 2007 when they officially began dating. They are still very much together and are having a long distance relationship, seeing each other twice/three times a year. They have recently celebrated their 2 year anniversary.

The Brattybad Girls

Current Official History Edit

Bang, and her teammates, Belle, and Bitter, were created by a man named Doctor Utonium. He was apparently the older brother of Professor Utonium, and was sick and tired of the Professor getting all the attention when he worked just as hard on his inventions. He went to work creating his own version of his brother’s invention known as The Powerpuff girls. Except he had some help from two other scientists known as Mark Smith, and Adam McHency. The Doctor had a theory that if the girls were born separately, that they would be much more powerful. So The Doctor and his assistance began working… From the ingredients Whips, Chains, and Things That Bring Pain… The Brattybad girls were born. Bang was created first by the Doctor, Bitter was created second by Mark Smith, and Belle was created last by Adam McHency. Since they were “born” from different scientists, the girls never really considered themselves as sisters. They had the same color coordination as The Powerpuff girls until Doctor Utonium literally went crazy on them, and put the girls through a series of laboratory tests. His assistance realized that this was going to far and tried turning him in, however both of them were victims of an mysterious unsolved disappearance. After the girls went through The Doctors tests, they changed in appearance and strength. They also had some side effects. (Such as Bang’s blind eye, and Belle’s personality disorder…) However, they were slaves to The Doctors bidding and commands. They plotted to kill him, but fortunately for them, he slipped further into insanity and ended up killing himself. Since then, the girls lived freely in Townsville and occasionally Citysville. They tend to avoid the Powerpuff girls, not because they are afraid, but because they don't see them as much of a challenge. Bang is the only one considered to be related to the Powerpuff girls since she was created by Doctor “Utonium.”