Jason Forbes (a.k.a. Cero) is the main protagonist of Guardian:Earth - Second Genesis.

The Creator Edit

Cero's name is Jordan, the teddy bear. :3 he has adorable big brown eyes and he's a scruffy Fuzzy Wuzzy.

His girlfriend is his angel. <3 he originally forgot to include that.. but don't worry.. he'll pay for it later ;D

Jordan joined the RR forums on July 21, 2007.

Creation and conception Edit

Originally designed to be more similar to his creator, Jason was given a complete overhaul physically and personality wise. Instead of having an

Character outline Edit

Personality Edit

Shortly before the First Phantom War, Jason was born to father Noah and mother Katherine. Because of his mother's and father's military background, Jason is secluded to the confines of his home along with his older brother, Seth. One year after his birth, news spreads that Noah and Katherine are both killed in combat, leaving Seth as Jason's only living relative. Eight years pass, with Jason now nine years old, and Seth being sixteen. Due to not having any knowledge of his parents, Jason forms a close bond with his brother and wishes to follow in Seth's footsteps of becoming a Guardian. Taking after Seth, Jason is optimistic, eccentric and care-free, having high hopes for his future. Eventually, Seth is severely injured during his time as a Guardian, leaving him physically and emotionally scared. When Seth returns, his personality has completely changed. Instead of his old, care-free and easy-going self, Seth becomes more introvert and begins to isolate himself and sealing away all emotion. Jason, too is affected, causing him to be more vocal and angry towards military figures and common authority figures. Still, Jason cares for his brother, trying to bring back Seth to his old self.

Abilities Edit

Over the course of his sixteen years, Jason has acquired numerous abilities through vigorous training. Although, the majority of attacks are based off of basic military hand-to-hand combat techniques used by all members of the Guardian military force. Jason's preferred technique is the Tengoku Kobushi or Heaven Fist. By concentrating a large about of energy into one arm, Jason can transfer the energy onto a target with a direct blow to the body.