About: He was born in a small village known as... Oh you want his real back story. Sorry no. No backstory for you FOOS! Lol. ANYWAY Here is the stuff we can tell you about him. He loves to draw and Aspires to be an Animator, and even own his own show! He also loves videogames and is constantly playing and making games.

Relationships: He hasn't ever dated anyone or even had anything close to a Girl friend But he has mad plenty of freinds! Cutie-puff was probubly his first friend on RRN and have stayed in contact with her. Not to mention he has proclaimed himself the User Gopher his rival. His character Magnet is also Cutie's boy friend.

Characters: Chibi-man007 has over 100 characters but only a few OCs for the powerpuff girls. His main character is Sky. Sky's step Brother is Magnet. And their arch Enemy is Emo Joe and Vebrox.

Character Bios: (coming soon.)

Fanart and things: For some reason Though Sky is Chibi-man007's main puff, Magnet gets more fanart. Most people think its because of his unique design, But chibi knows its because of his friend cutie using her good people skills and popularity To get awesome pictures of cutie and magnet.

Reason for Joining: He loves the powerpuff girls and loves forums. Though he originally joined to roleplay He ended up making friends by just doing what he does best, drawing and having fun! Though he hasn't been too active lately you can still contact him in more than one way.

Here is his contact information. MSN: YIM: Deviantart: Chibi-man007 Youtube: Cocokittykiller