Cuteness N. Utonium

Cuteness N. Utonium

cutness is a five year old powerpuff girl. Her nickname is and always called Cutie, is a fun loving and cute addict little girl. She enjoys life and loves her friends. The only thing that Cutie doesnt like is rude people and insects that fly.  Cutie is the maker of all the Cutesy picutres on the site that only makes you want to go 'awwwww'  and its what she does best.

Cutie's Powers Edit

Cutie's Powers

Fire fist

Flaming kick

Lightning Punch

Sonic Scream

Power Bomb

Cute attack

Things about Cutie Edit

Cutie is a little self minded and gets a quick temper if you mess with her. But at other times she could be the most funniest insanley funny kid you'll ever meet!! She also Has a boyfriend, Chibi-man007's character Magenet. Dont ever aks whats the "n" in her name mean. Her middle name is necterine (a type of orange) Cutie color is a necterine type but doesnt like the name at all.  

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About the creator of Cutie Edit


Shatia, 17

The Creator of Cutie is 17 year old Shatia Fowler. Pronunciation (sh-a-ti-ah) Her Birthday is September 19,1992. Shes a mix of Dominican and Black.Her zodiac sign is Virgo (meaning neat organized and a leader) Due to her Latino Father not being around to care for her, her older sister and yonger sister, Tia's mother was the only one raising her with the help of her mother. Since Tia's mother worked a whole shift at a hospital downtown NY tia had to live with her grandmother untill she was 11 and her mother took her back due to her grandmother died. Her mother is now engaged to a Jamacian guy (whom tia still isnt used to) and has a brother. Shatia is currently a High school senior at MVCTS (middlesex county vacational and technical schools) in Piscataway. Thought shes living a much better life in New Brunswick, NJ she still misses her home in NY. Shatia is a fun, caring, and good person. She is going to college to become a RN Nurse, then is going to become an online guide to talk to people about  thier problems. Shatia's favorite colors are Red and orange. Shatia, has a few nicknames from her frineds but is mainly called "bubbles" due to her similar personality to the blue powerpuff. Shatia is single and likes it.

Apperence Edit

Shatia often wears red alot since its one of her favorite colors. She sometimes wears her hair down but its always kept in a ponytail with her bangs swept to her sides. Her Hair color is dark brown and is naturaly curly but she keepts it straight. She has brown eyes and is an almond tan complection. She speaks little spanish from what she had to learn her self and has a little speech problem due to her roots of dominicans talking fast her mixes up her words from time to time and some words she cant pronounce. ^^; but she knows her english well. Shatia always wears a t-shirt, even in the cold (but with a hoodie on) and wears skinny legs jeans and always wears boots and flat shoes in the warmer seasons (shes not a sneaker fan). Shatia is a nice girl and always likes frineds and is one of the most friendliest people in the forums.

Family Edit

Cutie is the first daughter of Chaosrider (chaos) and Firefly. Even though sometimes her perents argue they still love their daughter very much. Cutie resembels both her parents very much. She has the comination of both eyes colors making hers orange. (chaos are red+ Firefly are yellow=orange for cutie) ^-^ Cuties father is VERY protective of what his daughter does and treatened her boyfriend Magnet many times. And her mother loves her daughter as well and is rasing her to become a good person and a strong girl. Cutie loves her family very much and hopes it stays that way ^-^ 

Cutie and her family (from left to right; Cutie, Chaos, and Firefly) drawn by Chaosrider