Elmo playing, "Elmo's Song," on the piano. :3


Elmo has been a member of the forums since April of 2002, when she was just ten years old. She has now been there for nearly eight years, and is a newly appointed moderator on the forums.

Basics Edit

Elmo's name is Theresa, but she's usually called Tesa, as it's her widely-used nickname. Her birthday is on June 18, meaning she is a Gemini, and she is eighteen years old. She resides on Long Island, New York, and isn't too fond of it... one day, she plans on getting out of that bubble! She has six younger siblings, the youngest being only three years old, and is family-oriented.

Appearance Edit

She has blue eyes, long, thick auburn hair, and pale skin with many freckles. She wears either glasses or contacts on a regular basis. She is relatively short, has a kids' foot size of 5 (US), and is somewhat curvy. She thinks you should be jealous.


Elmo likes to dance, and has for many years. She is a Girl Scout, and has grown to really enjoy it over the past couple of years. She loves kids, and works especially well with those of disabilities, as she has grown an interest due to living with her two severely autistic brothers. She likes to draw in her free time, and loves it when Jordan tries to teach her how to do certain things. She also loves to play video games, but doesn't get the chance to often, and isn't too good at them. She loves the board game Apples to Apples. Elmo enjoys alternative rock music, but has guilty pleasures like the Spice Girls.

She loves kid things, like Playdoh, coloring books, and bubble wrap, as it keeps her happy! You know what else? Elmo is so happy to see you!

This is Elmo's room! Isn't it pretty?

Random Facts Edit

Elmo is huggable, lovable, and adorable! She loves to dance, and is constantly seen busting out moves from different kinds of dance multiple times a day... unfortunately, she's constantly getting hurt when not dancing, whether it's falling off Jordan's bed, falling up the stairs, or banging her head on the headboard of a bed. She used to master the voice of Elmo, but now only holds the ability to imitate Blue and Stitch. Elmo LOVES Elmo, and watching Elmo's World can easily make her day.. but she also enjoys old school Elmo from when she was little! Elmo used to drive around a cozy coop car with a bucket on her head when she was just a wee little girl! Elmo loves his goldfish, his crayon too!

She has a boyfriend, otherwise known as her adorable teddy bear, named Jordan (Cero), who is also her best friend. besides Dorothy! Hehehe!

Artwork Edit

Elmo doesn't draw as much as she used to, but when she does, she likes cartooning the most, as it makes her happy! She likes to draw Peanuts characters, and is working on creating her own cute little scenes, and has been drawing the Powerpuff Girls' style ever since she was only eight years old. If Elmo has to be serious with art, she likes making colorful landscapes the most, but painting is her weak point. She also enjoys calligraphy, and would like to reteach herself again, as she picked it up pretty quickly the first time she tried.

Elmo is also a decent writer, and should probably freewrite when she gets the chance. Maybe Elmo will write a CHILDREN'S book! But wait, Elmo is still a child! HAHAHEHE!

Elmo's most favorite form of artwork is choreography! Elmo loves to tap dance, as you can see in Happy Tapping with Elmo! She also likes hip hop, jazz, ballet, lyrical, contemporary, and modern. She also used to do kickline. Elmo wishes she could dance all of these things again, but for now, it's just happy tapping with EEEELMO!

This is Elmo's deviantART page. She has had it since she was in seventh grade!