Gopher is smug and confident, even though he never does anything right.

Gopher is the single most awesomest person you will ever meet on RRn. You probably recognize him from that conversation you were having with your parents about where babies come from, or on the cover of that magazine about the world's greatest celebrities. He is a hilarious comedian, an amazing comic writer, and everybody's friend.

Except Xion Nightblade.

Gopher in real life Edit

Gopher's real name is Andy. He's a full-time college student pursuing his associates, and has plans to pursue a bachelor's in teaching. He also has plans to move in with his girlfriend Katie (known here as Bang), but details are still in the works. Andy keeps to himself mostly because all the people who live around here are only interested in Xbox and D'n'D, and there are no points of interest within 30 miles. That said, he spends most time networking, studying, and gaming online. He joined the forums sometime in May of '05, and he's posted there religiously ever since.

8000 Hits Bang and Gopher by FlammableAqua

Gopher and his hot girlfriend Bang skateboarding. They'll probably crash into a bunch of trashcans or something because Gopher doesn't know what he's doing....

History of Gopher Edit

Bang wrote an awesome story about Gopher's creation, and you can find it here.


The Rodentruff Boys. Groundhog (left), Gundi (center), and the leader Gopher (right).

The Rodentruff BoysEdit

Gopher's part of a three-man team called the Rodentruff Boys. His other brothers are Gundi and Groundhog. Introduced in issue 22 of Gopher's comic thread, Gundi and Groundhog were created by Bang and Gopher because he needed loving members of a family (or patsies to blame for his numerous failures, depending on who you ask). Gopher thinks they are losers though, so he keeps to his own doings. He usually makes up convoluted plans to overtake the city and beat the Powerpuff/Brattybad Girls, even though all his plans fall apart routinely. His interests include creating gadgets and robots, wrecking havoc in your lawn, and owning his British pal Darkgunn at Red Alert 3. The others are not as well known however; Gundi is a rebellious emo, sometimes a buzz-kill, and spends his time training or listening to metal in his garage. Groundhog is mentally insane, and often hallucinates even without the aid of drugs (the reason for this is undetermined). Nobody ever knows what that guy is up to.

Rivals Edit

Being as awesome as he is, it was bound to happen that others would covet his status, and so other members took it upon themselves to challenge Gopher. First and foremost is Vic, who constantly wars with Gopher over the title of "King of Puns." At some point, that guy Chibi-Man also decided all of a sudden that he should be Gopher's arch nemesis, and so he is the "Monarch" to Gopher's "Dr. Venture." One time he did actually steal Gopher's name, and while impressive it was one of the most annoying things Gopher ever had to experience. Darkgunn also battles Gopher on a national status, always naysaying Gopher's American habits and vice versa. Also, as the forum grammar-nazi Gopher has made himself the arch nemesis of Xion Nightblade, trolling him wherever his terribly misspelled and short-sighted opinions and postings surface. No other member is as much a rival to Gopher however as Bang, who challenges his supremacy in every way. The two of them fight a never-ending battle for dominance over the other, and seem head locked for all time.

Accomplishments Edit

Gopher has an art thread somewhere on the forums which includes some of the greatest MSPaint art RRn has ever seen. Gopher retains a command of creating artwork with horrible painting programs because it's all he knows how to do. He's also a talented comic writer, creator of "Gopher, You're my Hero!," a comic series that parodies moments in forum history. It is the greatest forum comic of all time, OF ALL TIME, prompting Kanye West to interrupt the VGA awards just so he could mention how perfect Gopher's comic was. In addition to being an incredible artist, he is also a commanding and respected figure of authority. It is commonly known that King Moonraiser was so impressed with Gopher's abilities to control the forum that he made Gopher group moderator of the forums.This means that of all the moderators, Gopher is the most powerful, and should be revered for his status as MODERATOR SUPREME.  He is currently begging Bang to make him a moderator for a forum she's working on, though she has a hard time understanding the depth of just how awesome Gopher is. But that's not her fault, nobody truly appreciates how awesome Gopher is.

NOT EVEN YOU. But it's cool.

References Edit

That awesome comic I was talking about....