Flor in real life.


Hana, drawn by Flor in MSpaint.

Hana~Flower's real name is Flor Vargas, and goes by that name outside of the forum. Hana means "Flower" in Japanese, hence the name "Flor" which means flower in Spanish. Hana has been a member of rowdyruff since 2005, when she was 15, but has only recently been active. She also used to have an old, forgotten (and most likely erased) account back in 2003, in which she went by as "Florecita Rockera."

Birthday and Astrological sign: August 7th, 1990, currently 19 years old; Leo

Location and Origin: in the forums, Hana has a Mexican flag placed under "location" but she was actually born in the US and currently lives in Bloomington, California.

Race: American, but of Mexican blood. She is fluent in the Spanish language and accustomed to Mexican traditions. She is one of the two members in the forum of Mexican decent; the other Mexican is Chaosrider.

Physical Description: Reddish-Mahogany colored hair; short, and flipped out. Pointy bangs. Honey-colored eyes. Brown Skin. Clothes vary, but is usually drawn in a light blue t-shirt, jeans, and blue All-Stars.


Personality: Hana is very kind-hearted. She cares about everyone, and is always concerned of the well being of others. She can be a tomboy at times, but has her girly sides as well. At times she can be a little mischievious. She is known to have a good sense of humor, and can be quite random at times. But when it comes to serious issues, she can be very mature. She can be sort of stubborn at times. If she gets angry, she can get pretty aggresive. She can be very clumsy. In real life, Flor is pretty much similar to fictional Hana. Except Flor has short dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes.

Personal Facts: She attends school at California State University of San Bernardino, and is majoring in Biology Pre-medicine. She has a boyfriend, and has been with him for 5 years since they were both in High School. They're relationship is star-crossed, for her parents dislike him. She hopes to become a pediatrician in the future.

Likes: collecting stuffed animals, Boba, SpiderMan, friends,animals,college, the color blue, Hello Kitty, Betty Boop, Pokemon, Powerpuff Girls, anything Disney, babies, 50's decade, musical instruments, dissecting in a bio lab, cartoons like the Simpsons, South Park, Family Guy, Futurama, and Boondocks.

Dislikes: Spiders, onions, distasteful sex jokes, racism, abortion, liberals, spoiled people, bullies, The Joe Dirt movie, religious fanatics, anti-religious fanatics, Otakus, Twilight Saga.

Hana's Fictional super-powers: The ability to control nature's powers depending on her mood; fire when angry, rain when sad, thunder when it is a combination of sad and angry, sunshine when happy.

Hana's fictional background: Flor has not yet created one.

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