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Keeper is a forum member to the forums. He is a graduated male student, who as well holds himself to being an artist. His likeability to Cartoon Network's Powerpuff Girls helped in promoting his own admiration for the show's male counterpart villains The Rowdyruff Boys. This brought about him joining the forums in 2007, and two years later he established himself as a regular member to the forum community there.

Appearance Edit

Keeper has blue eyes, dirty blond hair, light brown and blond facial hair, and a pale Caucasian skin tone. He necessarily is seen in a light gray or black hoodie, with a shirt illustrating variations of artistic designs (typically associated with skulls), a pair of dark blue jeans, and goes barefoot with a pair of worn-out sneakers.

Interests Edit

Keeper has a large favoritism toward the arts, varying from simple doodling to the complexities of writing a series of fictional stories. He particularly enjoys working with pencils and pens, which are typically addressed to the majority of the artwork he submits to websites such as Deviantart and even the art sections of the forums. Keeper also partakes in reading literature from amateurs' to professionals' works. These usually consist of darkish conceptions and well thought out plots. Keeper's other interests can also be sought in his fascination with the Occult and mythology. When he is not drawing or writing, he is likely searching into the mythes and legends created from either religion or superstition. Keeper enjoys to affix these concepts into the subject matter used for his art and literature. Nowadays, he is regularly recognized by these macabre influenced notions by friends and aquaintances alike on the forums. Though, not all is demented about the man's interests, for his inner childish likings to cartoons make up a majority as well. Since his childhood, Keeper has always loved watching cartoons, and despite some disappointment toward what cartoons air these days, he still looks over ones that stand out to his impressions, and will normally fall into nostalgia when viewing the past cartoons that were instrumental in preserving his enjoyment to cartoons today. Keeper's hobbies also consist of listening to rock and metal bands, typically subjected to by the suggestions of friends. Though, with enough searching on the Internet, he has come to enjoy power metal, heavy metal, and melodic metal bands. Naturally, he gestures the infamous "Sign of the Horns" that many metal lovers express to their favorite metal bands and songs. Of course, Keeper shares an equal favoritism to classicial music as well, preferably used whenever he desires times of tranquility or concentration.

Random Facts Edit

Keeper can be quite suspicious at times, in which he will wait for someone to act on a situation he finds cautious of. Though, he can be eccentrically explicited or silly when he is tempted enough to do so. He thouroughly enjoys his bond with friends in reality and on the Internet, considering each as important as the other. Hilariously, he applies this more towards female friends than his male friends, surely because of his shyness toward girls. Though, sometimes Keeper will simply forget either one and completely spend a whole day lazing about, but will take the time to think about how certain friends are doing on said relaxed day. He is a self-proclaimed procrastinator, and will self-justify various other negativities about himself in a manner that helps him think on the positive aspects about his personality. Keeper normally emits growls whenever he is frustrated about something. He loves to make faces and scary noises when he is alone, though, he has come to enjoy other people knowing this, as it only enthuses him to better his peculiar performances. Competitions tend to make him highly nerveous and causes his inner critic to stressen his attempts to submit an entry by the deadline. It is quite reoccuring, but he has come to except this as a way to reinforce his skills, as at times there is no one else to tell him so. He has an immense love for Maine Coon cats, majorly induced by a particular Maine Coon named Tinker, who he sadly had to depart when his family commuted to another state. Keeper is very organizational, as he always aligns the utensils within his work station, and will thoroughly check into the various things he types and says during his day. He does not find himself better than others, but more fortunate in certain traits. Overall, he considers himself as human as anyone else, and applies this as a lesson towards those who arrogantly think themselves better than anyone else. Keeper also rather make friends than enemies, but sometimes he just does not agree with others and grudges will sometimes be held against them for long periods of time. He is quite in-touch with his emotions, and will likely shed a tear to a touching moment or sad event. Mostly, Keeper desires to live a simple and happy life, but also with some excitement on the way.