M3PH1L15, or better known as Mephilis, or personally known as Donovan, is one of the newest, and arguably one of the most active members of the forums. His name is written in 1337 because he tried joining the forums three seperate times, and wasn't sent an activation e-mail the first two times. His name comes from one of the seven princes of Hell, Mephistopheles.

He is currently 15 years old, being born September 26, 1994.


Unlike most members of the forum, Mephilis does not have a PowerPuff or RowdyRuff named after him; he prefers to represent himself with one of his fan characters, Battery.

However, on May 11th 2010, Donovan changed his username from M3PH1L15, to BATTERY, eliminating any confusion between himself and his character. He wants his old nickname, "M", to stop being used in context to him. He now wants to be called either "Battery" or "Batty".


Battery, as drawn by BrickyBabe

Battery is one of six creations made for the destruction of the PowerPuff Girls. The PowerPunk Girls were created to destroy the PowerPuff Girls, while the RowdyRiot Boys, whom Battery was one of, were created to back them up if anything went wrong. They all failed; the RowdyRuff Boys intervened, and were all killed except for Battery, who was electrocuted to near death. After his near death experience, Battery gained a new perspective on life, and decided to become a "good guy". Mojo-jojo, however, worked his mechanical prowess on the PowerPunks and Buster, Battery's brother. Battery's other brother, Bosk, however, was turned into a half human half lava mutant, due to his body and the lava in Mojo's volcano being contaminated with Chemical X. This time, the RowdyRuff Boys and PowerPuff Girls were defeated easily. Due to his change of heart, Battery knew that the celebration was the best time to strike, and turned on his siblings, killing them all. When fighting Bosk, however, Battery contracted a severe case of radiation sickness, mutating his growth hormone. Doctors and nuclear physists were able to create a treatment for it: pills that he must take two or three times a day. They were supposed to fix the hormone by the time the case of pills was empty, but still expected Battery to be nearing his twenties by the time that happened. After bascially saving the PowerPuff Girls and Townsville, Battery was revered as a hero, but he leaves to become a nomadic vigilante, protecting the lives of other innocent people, so they could enjoy the very thing Battery almost lost: life.

Two and a half months later, Battery finds a city known as RRN. He is greated with a nice way, but brings dismay to several of the citizens when he says he doesn't expect to stay long. Unfortunately, fate had other plans for Battery. It turns out that Berserk, Brat, and Buster's bodies were still fit to support life, and they ended up living again due to Mojo-Jojo's mechanic prowess. They followed Battery into RRN, but conclude that fighting him and winning is impossible, due to Battery's ability to terminate their mechanical life supports. They seek help, and find a trio known as the TerrorTuff Boys. After arguing and propositioning, they decide to work together. If the TerrorTuffs help Berserk Brat and Buster kill Battery, they'll help the TerrorTuffs destroy RRN. They attack, and Battery and the RRPD (RowdyRuffPoliceDepartment - Bang, Elmo, Gopher, and Darkgunn), fight back. Battery manages to kill Berserk and Brat, but Buzzsaw (one of the TerrorTuffs) severely wounds Darkgunn. The TerrorTuff Boys and Buster flee, and Darkgunn bleeds to death. Battery blames himself for Darkgunn's death, thinking that he had failed to kill his siblings in the first place, but he is reassured that it wasn't his fault. The TerrorTuffs attack again the next day, and Battery finally kills Buster, Torch (one of the TerrorTuffs) accidentally kills Polar (one of the TerrorTuffs), and Buzzsaw is captured. Torch runs away, and is never seen again. Buster is wrapped in a 50 pound, bulletproof straight jacket, and locked in the RRN Asylum for life. Battery decides to stay in RRN city, and likewise, he is accepted as a citizen.


Battery, as drawn by MEPHILIS himself.

Due to his electorcution, Battery has a vast array of lightning based powers, which consist of:

Lightning Sword - Battery stiffens one of his arms and sends an electrical current running down to his hand. The blots of lightning mold and form into a sword which, on contact, makes a cracking noise and shoots an unguided lightning bolt. He is currently working on a way to be able to control it.

Ride the Lightning - Battery shoves an arm in the air, shooting a bolt of lightning in the sky. He fuses into the bolt, and guides it to his designated location. The lightning strikes the target with violent bolts cracking in random directions, with Battery standing in the center of it.

DG-2 Beam - This is an ability he had before his near-death experience, but never used, though it is greatly improved due to the electrocution. Battery makes a pose as if he's about to perform the Kamehameha from Dragon Ball Z, but instead sticks an arm out and shoots an energy beam out of his hand, causing him to recoil a few steps backward, and, sometimes, but not always, fall off his feet. The beam, if it can even be seen at all, has a subtle electrical aura, and electrocutes what it hits on contact. It also seems that the lightning has the ability to chain off to other targets, but it is unknown what the maximum range is.

5-11-2010 4;39;20 PM

Battery, holding two lightning swords.

Raiden - Battery buttons up his trench coat up to his neck and basically hugs himself. The torso of his trench coat begins to inflate, and when Battery thinks its ready, unbuttons it in a single swift motion, unleashing a powerful and large beam of lightning, like a cannon.

EMP - Battery smacks his hands against eachother, causing an electromagnetic pulse. It seems to have the range of at least 20 yards in radius.

Lightning forcefield - At first, Battery looks like he's preparing the DG-2, but instead, he makes an elecric ball, which engulfs Battery in a lightning aura. It is unknown what happens when someone else touches it, but it does seem to be resistant to almost anything.

4-22-2010 10;53;06 PM

Battery, performing the Lightning Forcefield.

He also has the ability to spawn controllable lightning bolts off the tips of his hands, but he doesn't particularly like doing it because it is only somewhat controllable; it still moves in a jagged and resistant motion, but still goes in the general direction that he desires. Also, when he runs or flies at a fast speed, he doesn't leave a solid color trail like his siblings did; his trail is lightning.

The sole reason Battery is even able to control his lightning is due to his trench coat; it's rubber. Because it's a rubber trench coat, Battery is able to trap, compress, or mold the lightning into anything he wants, and to do anything he wants. A good example of this is the Raiden attack, or the Lightning Sword.


  • Battery, originally, wasn't supposed to be in Donovan's fanfic.
  • The character of Battery was originally made soley to give his friends a new character to use.
  • Back when Battery was seperate from Donovan's fanfic, his back story was being a two and a half month old (but aged 17) failed clone.
  • Battery has lightning based powers. A battery is a small household cardridge used to store and generate electricity.
  • On an ironic note, n the fanfiction, Battery isn't created with lightning based powers. This was done for ironic fate, as Battery doesn't get lightning based powers until after he's almost killed by electrocution.
  • On an even more ironic note, Battery is created wearing a rubber trench coat, something that doesn't exist. The trench coat was the very reason the electricity from Battery's near death experiance was unable to escape and fused with his body. It's insulative abilities also make it the very reason Battery can even use his lightning powers, so, if for any reason, Battery loses his trench coat, he's helpless. However, Donovan drew Battery with his trench coat removed, white eyes with a firey aura, and unyielded lightning bolts channelling through and out his arms. Donovan decided that the trench coat is the reason Battery can control his lightning, and not have it control him.
  • Throughout the fanfic, Battery says "This thing called life goes by so quickly; one day you're here and then you're gone". He never starts saying this until after his near death experience, which was only a few hours after he and his siblings were created. This could be in context to how his siblings all lived very short lives before being killed, or how the lives of those around him, could end any day due to poor circumstances.
  • Battery's dark past is loosely based on the Megadeth song "Bodies" (though, Donovan always calls it "Bodies Left Behind"). The nomadic vigilante idea was loosely based on the Metallica song "Wherever I may roam".
  • Battery took in severe radioative affects after a nuclear missle exploded several kilometers near him. Dispite steam rising off his skin, his skin bubbling, puking strange brown liquid, and having his growth hormone mutated, his clothings suffered no effect.
  • Donovan has never drawn Battery with a smile on his face, because "Battery has no reason to smile. If you had been through what he had, you wouldn't neither".
  • The name and overall affect of Battery's DG-2 Beam is a reference to the WunderWaffe DG-2 from Nazi Zombies. The DG-2 was a large rifle that shot chain lightning. Donovan's friends like to make jokes about what would happen if Battery got a hold of the weapon.
  • Donovan stated that one of the two things he will not tolerate with Battery is when people mention the Metallica song of the same name in context to the character. The other untolerable thing is when people draw him, they don't get the bangs completely right. The only people who have ever drawn Battery were BrickyBabe, Bang, and Zurrr. All of them got the bangs right except for the medium sized bang that goes over his left eye, and the very large bang that goes over his right eye. BrickyBabe came close, but they didn't go over his eyes. Donovan is easilly annoyed by this, as the two bangs are, according to him, unmistakable and impossible to miss. Bang, however, was the only one who made Battery look like he wore a trench coat, rather than a suit.
  • Though not currently considered an official affiliate of Battery, there is a similar character named Assault. Assault is supposed to be Battery's counterpart, being created by one of Donovan's friends just to give Battery an ongoing rival. Instead of using an insulator, Assault uses steel gauntlets to conduct his lightning. This results to him having more power, but less control, than Battery.
  • Another character who's not an official affiliate (though planned to be) is a certain character by the name of Ben B. Barker. His middle name was originally going to be "Butch", but he decided to shorten it to just "B". Ben was created by Donovan's other friend, but it was Donovan who gave him the name. He has a scar over his left eye that has a few lines in the form of what appears to be lightning bolts going across his face. Ben has no special powers other than super strength, as made evident by the fact that he can one-hand a very large two-handed sword with no difficulty.
  • Battery seems to have an extreme amount of endurance, as he has come close to death four times as of now: electrocution, being caught in a nuclear blast, radiation sickness, and being injured by Buzzsaw.


Though not as popular, Donovan's other main character is Buster. Buster is depicted as a mentally unstable madman with a severe case of sadism and masochism. He was originally killed by Brick by being thrown into a building, which toppled and crushed him. Mojo-jojo managed to bring him back to life as a cyborg, but only the right side of his head could be left organic. He also had suffered brain damage, and lost his masochism in return for even more sadism, and schitzophrenia. Also, in the RRN City story, Buster is seen to laugh and shake uncontrollably. He also seems to have problems producing the "K" sound when he's excited, often stuttering. Later on, when excited, he begins having problems producing the "L" sound and "B" sound, and is excited for longer periods of time, and even at moments that don't call for it. This may be due to his organic brain being dead and his mechanical brain being damaged, ruining his speech, or just a side effect of his ever growing craziness.

Buster, along with Berserk and Brat, are not killed off for good in Donovan's fanfic. When Mojo managed to get their mechanical parts working again, he tells them that they just need to kill Battery, because they obviously couldn't kill the PowerPuff Girls or RowdyRuff Boys.

Buster is particularly liked by Torch, who already had a character with a similar persona and mentallty: Buzzsaw. Donovan plans to have Buster and Buzzsaw work together in "the next story", as the two overly sadistic and mentally broken demons on earth would make a great team. So far, in the RRN City story, Buster's craziness rubs Buzzsaw the right way, and is the only one out of him and his sisters that isn't disliked by Torch (character).

Trivia (Buster)Edit

  • Buster is the ONLY character in Donovan's fanfiction who had no difference in personallity between the co-op fanfic, "The City of Clonesville", or "The Mirror's Ege of Townsville".
  • Buster is the only character whose name was almost entirely different with each version of the story: "Biff", "Bruce", "Buster".
  • Buster is the only character to become a cyborg in every version of the story.
  • In the co-op story and "The City of Clonesville", Biff/Bruce is given an electrical overload by Budder/Brenner that made him explode. In "The Mirror's Edge of Townsville", Buster is given an electrical overload by Battery that deactivated him.
  • In the co-op story and "The City of Clonesville", CyberBiff/Bruce could transform his arms into weapons. Buster can't.
  • In the co-op story and "The City of Clonesville", Biff/Bruce was always the first to die. Buster has yet to die for good.
  • Donovan orignally wasn't too fond of Buster's appearance, or even Buster himself. After changing his hair, and drawing him both in cyber form and normal, he started liking him more.
  • Despite originally not liking Buster very much, Donovan finds his dialouge to be the most fun part to write.
  • "Buster" was among the many names that Donovan thought of as a name for Battery.