100 Percent Pirate by noodi10



Pirate Babe, better known as Peebs, is a 13 year old perverted pirate (and you thought you've seen it all) who joined RRN October 2006.

Personal LifeEdit

Peebs' real name is (retracted) and her birthday is on the (retracted), so don't forget to get her a present, preferably not a chicken. She likes to draw and is a 100% internet addict. The love of her life, (retracted), is six chairs away from her and she awaits the day he comes up to her and says "All your babies are belong to me".

She recently escaped from the cabinet, in which Moderator Boris once locked her in. People claimed she likes him, but she does not and will not NOW WILL YOU FUCKING SHUT UP ABOUT IT?!

She can make something completley dirty out of your average pencil. Yes, she has super amazing DIRTY powers not many people possess. DarkGunn secretly loves her and has pedo-ish dreams of her. He also likes to offer her candy for the hell of it.


She hates nudges, Twilight, High School Musical, Jesse McCartney, Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, fingerless gloves, mouses (computer), unsharpened pencils, lack of pencils, lack of paper, Mrs. Jaehnigen (ex German teacher), pickles, cheese, Sarah ((retracted) ex crush), tongue rings, pepper, too much salt, coffee, chatspeak, paranoia, running, soccer, rugby, DAVID CARUSO and Boris.


She loves Ziad, his eyes, his cheeks, his jokes, his handwriting, pencils, colored pencils, sugar, peanut butter, buttertoast, oatmeal, machine guns, Asis, that hot guy in the Hannah Montana movie (he IS hot), laughing, watermelon, melon, apples, bananas, cashews (Bless you), PUNS PUNS PUNNNSSSS, the hotness of (retracted) blue eyes, brown hair, glasses, drawing, doodling, daydreaming, being a pervert, having perverted thoughts, having weird dreams, Coldplay, All Your Base, Benny (sibling love), her sister, FRECKLES, hugs, IRIS - GOOGOO DOLLS, Technologic - Daft Punk, MJ, taking naps in the bus, rainbows, making emotes, throwing paper wads in the English lesson and getting away with it, water fights, Poprocks, MYTHBUSTERS, TOP GEAR and Castle (series).

Her DeathEdit

"Coming Soon" -Edited by DarkGunn