Rellik, as drawn by Ryu


Rellik and his family. Drawn by BrickyBabe

Rellik has been a member of RRN since late 2005 when he was at the tender age of 14.


Rellik arrived on the forums on December 23, 2005, two days before Christmas. It could almost be thought that he was an early Christmas present for the forums. To find this new member sitting on their doorstep with the snow gently falling outside, it seems like it was fate. Unfortunately, Rellik proved to not be the ideal newb, as the first post he ever made was an anger filled abomination demanding an answer on how to post a fanfiction in the forums that was almost immediately locked by King Moonraiser. Because RRN was the first, and still only, forum he has ever been a part, Rellik was extremely socially awkward when it came to forum etiquette. For the next year he would continue to frequent the forums, slowly learning how to become a better, more upstanding forum member. However, sometime in 2007, Rellik left the forums and would not be seen again until sometime in 2009. When he returned, he picked up where he left off, continuing to strive to be a better member. He came to befriend the new members he had not known before he left such as Hana~Flower, Cutie, Pirate Babe and Keeper as well as the new members who were just coming in like Zurrr and BrickyBabe. Since his return, Rellik has become much more frequent to the forum as well as conversing with the other members, something he never did during his first year. Now completely through with his awkward teenage years, it can be safe to assume that Rellik will only become a better member still as time goes on. He now enjoys his time at the forums, spending time with his amazing wife, Ryu, and his beautiful daughter, Dusk.


Rellik can normally be seen wearing a black, button-up collared shirt over a white undershirt and blue jeans. His hair is almost always put up into his signature spikes.

In realityEdit

In real life, Rellik's real name is Christian. He was born in Hawaii on the island of Maui before moving to Las Vegas when his parents split when he was 2. He spent the next five years oblivious to the fact that he had ever lived anywhere but Vegas; he even did not realise his real name, as his family would always call him by his nickname, CJ. At the age of 7, he moved back to Maui where he would stay until he was 12 after which he would move to Arizona , where he has remained ever since. Christian has just graduated from high school and will be attending community college starting in the fall of 2010, planning to major in psychology. However, his passion lies in music and he has high ambitions of being able to start a band, despite having tried and failed for the past 4 years. Christian has shoulder length black hair and brown eyes. He is 5"10 and about 140 lbs, being slightly underweight for his height and age. He has a passion for entertainment in general. This encompassing anime, music, films, theater, books and television. He enjoys almost all genres of music from heavy metal and hip hop to classical and new age, and everything in between. Chris greatly enjoys classical literature and poetry, his all time favorite book being Les Miserables and his favorite poets being William Blake and Alfred, Lord Tennyson.


Rellik has recently just opened an official Deviantart account and currently only has 5 deviations, however he can already feel himself being sucked back into drawing. While he was younger, he would constantly draw Sonic the Hedgehog and Powerpuff Girls art and has begun to feel that sense of fun and enjoyment of drawing once again. He hopes to soon purchase a drawing tablet so that he may expand his drawing horizons even further. He also frequents hi s guitar. Currently he is in the process of recording three songs; one a guitar song for Ryu, one a vocal recording for BrickyBabe and the other a series of creepy musical samples for Dusk.