Devils 172

Sean, drawn by Hana~flower

Sean is a 6 year old ficitional character. He is the leader of a three person super hero group, whose name is yet to be made. The other members are Claude, the Canadian member of the group, and Mats, the Swedish member of the group. Sean's powers consist of flying, super strength, and what is known as Sonic Boom. When he claps his hand together as hard as he can, a shockwave is sent around a 1/4 mile area, knocking down anything in the way of this 2 mile high wall of energy. Sean also has a violent alter-ego known as Snipe.Whenever Sean and Snipe meet, a violent fight between their groups, Sean's being Sean, Claude, and Mats, and Snipe's, known as the TortureTuff Boys, Snipe, Anders, and Ivan. Sean doesn't like using weapons in a fight, but his weapon of choice is the Nagamaki, which he can handle with unbelieveable skill and speed. The character Sean doesn't have a girlfriend, however he is often seen with the real Sean's girlfriend Ali. Normally, Sean is very mellow for a 6 year old. However, when fighting, he sometimes goes all out berzerk or plays defensive until he has the perfect strike set up.