So, there are those of the Shmup universe and those of the PPG universe  probably scratching their heads confusingly and wondering out of curiosity and frustrating..."Just what in god's name is a Freaking spaceship from the  Konami universe doing in the ppguniverse!?!!one!". Well, one theory is


that this is like a pirated ripoff version of the famous death star killer of the Gradius series. Another theory is that this thing, that resembles the shape and form of the spaceship is a extraterrestrial shapeshifter(Not to be confused with Stephen King's "It" which some people probably mistaken him for due to his SILLEHNESS for what he's famous for). Or the third and unlikely theory is that he is the BIZARRO VERSION of the Spaceship... BIZARRO!!


Likes Edit

He likes people who have a great sense of humors(which he pretty much respects), people who like to have fun(who the hell doesn't), Videogames, girls(DUUURRR), Teasing around,

Make puns, GET SILLEH, making people laugh to pretty much cheer them up or just for fun,

Friends, Impersonate stuff, pretty much Pwning people who likes to start trouble with either one of my buddys in the most amusing way(usually with puns and other literate terms just to annoy the trolls). Catgirls, Yuri. Classical music, Heavy Metal, some retro stuff.

Dislikes Edit

Egomaniacs, Wigger tards, People who speak in broken AOL 1337 chatspeak when they're trying to tell you something(it's confusing figuring out what they just type), fangirls/fanboys shoving either their favorite franchise in your face/throat until they get you to admit that it's great(sorry it won't happen hahah), Asslickers, People who don't have a sense of humor or take a minor joke serious. posers, overrated rap music. People who self-pity themselves(*slap slap* that's a no no)

The Great Pun war Edit


One of Vic's personal recruits in his army

So apparently He's waging a war against Gopher for the "King of the Puns" title. He pretty much tries to use anymeans necessary to postpones his opponents effort of keeping the title. His army is composed of Catgirls with moe and in some cases maid feature equipped with big arse guns and other
331733-ruby weapon super

One of Vic's cheapass guardian in this war. Creates whirlwinds

arsenals(Miniguns, railguns, nukes etc..) and a Big mecha like thing with cheapass overpower attacks which can create whirlwinds, shoot a very powerful piercing beam, petrify his opponents or turn them tiny in size or simply into frogs rendering them useless.

Another special weapon that he uses in this war against Gopher

Fun Facts Edit

  1. He has a fetish for catgirls. Also for other characters that have animal like genes(i.e. Bunny ears, fox ears etc...)
  2. He's a Neko thief : )
  3. He has a weakness for catgirls or things considered moeness as he rarely unloads his arsenals on them
  4. Once nearly mimic Gopher to his full potential by mimic and manipulating his name, mod status, and sig and interest during the great "Gopher Prank"
  5. The ultimate impersonator
  6. Has the tendency to troll some people especially those who are serious most of the time(i.e. Xion Nightblade), by adding humor and pun in the trolling to annoy and provoke those people(which those people pretty much start to want to wage war or get their revenge on vic in which those people's plans backfire most of the time)
  7. Is pretty good at countering
  9. ????
  10. PROFIT