Zurrr is obsessed with Mad Hatters apparently.

Probably the newest member of RR.N who actually tried her best to stay as active as possible. A stereotypical female by the name of Azure is one who constantly struggles with her artistic abilities. Sure, others seem to really enjoy what she comes up with, but she herself feels that her own bad criticizes towards 'em encourages her to do better on the next piece.

In Reality Edit

Azure "Winter" VanTassell is a 13-year-old girl whom was born on December 29th of 1995. Her main goal(s) in life is to actually pass her year in 8th grade with the best possible grades that she can get, and improve her style in art. Although, according to Azure, both seem rather impossible at the current moment. School is just one of the things that she loathes 100%. Not only that, but just about anybody she goes to school with. Azure cannot make decent friends easily, or score boyfriends, or actually have a teacher to encourage her. She tends to stay strong no matter what, and make it through each school day while smiling at least once. Azure is timid, mature for her age, and has some sort of a "punk lifestyle". As unexciting as it may be, Azure loves her life, and does not care what others have to say.

She has the typical appearance: Long dark brown hair, brown eyes, and skin as pale as snow. She likes drawing (of course), reading, cartoons, and the feeling of accomplishment.

Due to Azure's ultra lameness, she'd feel more comfortable keeping her real life appearance away from the internet. So she declines to putting up a real life photo here. Why? Just because.